Not all cars are produced to tow. Often people dont really comprehend this. They tend to operate their non-tow-friendly cars to tow and haul massive weights. This can damage the vehicle beyond repair over a certain period. 

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When it comes to buying an SUV, the most critical question that most prospective buyers receive is whether they should choose a traditional SUV or a crossover. If you already arrived at a decision to purchase a Kia car in Durham, you...continue reading

Why Buy a Kia?

Since its initial years in 1944 as a pocket-friendly, low-maintenance Korean carmaker, Kia has made a mark for itself and presently offers a broad range of exceptionally competitive cars. Most of these come at a considerable...continue reading

Protecting Your Kia in the Summer

The summer season is certainly one of the more enjoyable times of the year. Along with staying outdoors and soaking up the sun, people enjoy going on long drives as well. 

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    Kia Apple CarPlay is Easy as Pie

    Kia Apple CarPlay is a feature present in many Kia vehicles that allows you to connect your iPhone to your car. This then enables you to enjoy many of your phone apps through the infotainment system...continue reading