What's Included In A Tune-Up?

A KIA service tune-up involves a whole roster of services ranging from replacing parts to bringing fuel and ignition systems up to specification for maximum engine efficiency and performance. Additional tune-up services may also include replacing the air cabin filter and spark plugs, changing the engine oil, checking the tire pressure, etc. These services are a part of your KIA’s maintenance schedule.

Federal EPA & Department of Energy Guidelines

Both the Federal EPA and Department of Energy recommend replacing your spark plugs every 100,000 miles. Replacing the clogged air filter doesn’t affect gas mileage as it does acceleration. In fact, you can improve your KIA’s acceleration by up to 11% with a simple air filter change!

Periodic Maintenance

The KIA Service Department recommends that you should opt for periodic tune-ups according to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Our service technicians will test and inspect the following aspects of your vehicle:

- emission system

- ignition system

- faulty vacuum hoses

- car’s performance in general

- oxygen sensors

Did you know that a faulty oxygen sensor can reduce fuel economy by up to 40%?

Visit your nearest KIA parts department, and have your KIA inspected and serviced on a periodic basis according to the vehicle’s maintenance schedule. This is the best way to ensure that your car is operating efficiently and it’s also the best way to extend its lifespan.

Do not simply walk into any repair facility or garage and ask for a tune-up. A KIA service department is your best option because they specialize in this type of vehicle. A third-party garage may have knowledge through experience but they will lack the training acquired by a KIA authorized technician. You might end up paying more for a tune-up than you expected!

Simply open up your owner’s manual to look for the manufacturer’s recommendations for a tune-up. With a tune-up, you will get an oil change, a new air filter, replacement of faulty spark plugs, amongst other services. A tune-up will significantly improve the efficiency of your KIA.

To schedule an appointment for your KIA tune-up, simply call or visit University Kia today.

Source: Kia