Why Buy A Kia

Top 3 reasons to buy a Kia in Durham, NC

At University Kia of Durham we often get asked, “Why should I buy a Kia in NC?” Well, we are answering your call! Here are the top three reasons to buy a used or new Kia from University Kia of Durham in Durham, NC.

At University Kia of Durham we know that you need, not want, need a vehicle that you can depend on that won’t break the bank. We have a multitude of new and used Hatchbacks, Sedans, and even some Crossovers and Minivans that are sure to meet and exceed your expectations on quality and price point. We currently have new Kia vehicles in Durham, NC starting in the low 20’s and dipping below the early 15’s and even the 14’s. And let’s not forget about the amazing specials offered every single day to serving members of our community. At University Kia of Durham we offer Teacher, College, Military and Healthcare Professionals specialized discounts as our way of giving back to the community that serves us, our children, and our families every single day.

Most of us drive our cars here and there, back and forth. Whether it is a few block or a few states away, we at University Kia of Durham know that your life is complicated and the pathways sometimes are not as smooth as they were set out to be. With our comprehensive fleet of Kia vehicles, versatility and functionality is the name of the game. For every shift and change in your life, there is a Kia vehicle ready and waiting to aid you in keeping things on track and in line. Need a Kia with ample storage and cargo room for the whole family? We have a host of 2019 Kia Sorento’s ready for action. Need a Kia that is superior on gas-mileage? The 2019 Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid Ex has you covered. Need a Kia that exceeds expectations in safety and security? The 2019 Optima will be sure to wow you. Functionality and Versatility are two of the core concepts that make a Kia experience so satisfying and remarkable.

Kia Vehicles are known and treasured for their funky, lively, and sophisticated aesthetic that encompasses every Kia vehicle at University Kia of Durham. Color is one of the first items car consumers check off their “To Do” list when shopping for a used or new vehicle in Durham, NC. Color creates the first impression for the consumer as well as the onlooker, so you had better pick the one that suits and expresses your best self! Luckily, at University Kia of Durham we have a wide array of colors and design for every Kia vehicle. Specifically speaking of the exhilarating 2019 model line-up exciting and bold colors are not to be missed. Currant Red exterior in the 2019 Kia Forte, Snow White Pearl exterior in the 2019 Kia Optima, Shadow Black exterior in the 2019 Kia Soul are just a few of the unique and fearless colors on the new 2019 Kia cars in Durham, NC.

Affordability, functionality, and unique style options are just three of the main reasons you should check out University Kia of Durham in Durham, NC to answer the question, “Why buy a Kia?”

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