The Cross GT Concept Car From Kia

Kia Cross GT in Durham

Crisscrossing Through Technology and Beauty: The Kia Cross GT

The Kia Cross GT is a crossover utility vehicle like no other in terms of style and aesthetic. The look of this car is incredibly distinctive and unique featuring a look that is similar to the Kia Sorento but so much more!

The exterior of this concept vehicle is eye-catching to say the least. Sporting a stunning multi-paneled skylight with hexagonal glass inserts letting light stream into the interior Almond-Terra-colored, leather covered bucket seats with contrast stitching and equestrian saddle-inspired seats tanned with vegetable oil using natural dyes avoiding harmful chemicals making the Kia Cross GT a vehicle for those with the planet on mind. A second factor that elevates the green interior experience of this vehicle is the fact that the entirety of the interior is composed of 100 percent eco-friendly renewable wool. Continuing with the exterior, you will be able to channel your inner Bruce Wayne with the dual rear-hinged “suicide” doors that are hinged at the rear of the vehicle and when opened move in an upward motion for a dramatic experience every time you enter and exit the vehicle. Distinctive is the name of the game with the Kia Cross GT and the “clam shell” design that provides access to the cargo compartment is a design you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else!

Ethically sound as well as mechanically sound the Kia Cross GT boasts a 3.8 liter V6 hybrid engine with a compelling all-electric range of 20 miles so you new Kia in Durham will never be stranded or without an electric charge out on the open roads in NC. If you are looking for speed in NC the Kia Cross GT also has you covered. The Kia Cross GT offers speedsters a generous 400 horsepower engine complete with 500 lb-ft of torque, and 8-speed automatic transmission for smooth transitions every time you drive your Kia Cross in Durham.

The Kia Cross GT concept vehicle is built to be daring, innovative, and a leading force in the eco-friendly movement when it comes to creating and building the vehicles we drive everyday. If you are seeking a vehicle fuel-efficient Kia in Durham the Kia Cross GT may be a name to keep track of as it nears its launch date. Stay tuned in NC and don’t forget to come on over to University Kia of Durham to test drive any of our similar models in our beautiful showroom at 601 Willard Street, Durham, NC, 27701.

Source: Kia