Top 4 Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Oil Change in Durham, NC

Regular oil changes can significantly improve engine performance and extend its life span. So, it is crucial to keep track of when you last changed the oil in your vehicle and when it's due next. However, a lot of times, we simply lose the trail of these seemingly small details, but our rides have their own ways of reminding us. 

How to Check if Your Vehicle Needs an Oil Change 

Your car can give you several signs to indicate a need for an oil change. This post breaks down what these are so that you get an oil replacement done on time and avoid any engine damage. In any case, if you require assistance with a Kia oil change near Chapel Hill, Raleigh, or Cary, University Kia in Durham, NC, is here to help!

  1. Oil Change Light
    Keep an eye out for the oil change light. If it lights up, you need to look at the dipstick and figure out what the issue is. In extreme cases, the check engine light can also go on indicating a problem with the engine, which might stem from a lack of oil or circulating bad oil.

  2. A Loud Engine
    Oil is a lubricating agent that flows through the different engine parts, ensuring they run smoothly and never scratch against each other. Any snag with the oil and your engine parts will start grating against one another, causing loud noises and damage. So, if your engine suddenly starts building turbulence, it may be best to check the oil first.

  3. Color of the Oil
    The oil color changes with use and time. Clean oil has an amber shade and is translucent in appearance. However, with time, it begins turning dark as it keeps taking in particles from the engine. 

    It is advisable to check your oil every other month by inserting a clean dipstick in the tank. When you take out the oil-covered dipstick, you will know the oil's condition. A dark dipstick indicates dark oil and, hence, an expected oil change.

  4. Smoke and Smell
    If you notice smoke exiting your vehicle's tailpipe, it might be an indication of engine or oil trouble. Similarly, if the interior suddenly now smells of gas or oil, then it might be an oil leak or the engine overheating. Examine the oil to rule out any oil change issue.

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Source: Kia