Winter Advisory: How to Prepare for Harsh Road Conditions

    Come winter, roads can be wet and slippery with snow, slush, wet leaves, and ice. Driving in the morning on a winter day can be hard enough. Traveling through dark nights can be downright dangerous. But a well-prepared vehicle and some cautious driving can keep you safe on the roads.
    1. Sign up for a vehicle maintenance service early.
    Do not wait till winter to get your vehicle serviced. Get a professional service done before the season sets in.

    2. Keep your vehicle mirrors, windows and windscreen clean.
    Sunlight on cold winter mornings can block visibility. Dirty or moist windows, mirrors, and windscreens add to the misery, blinding you to the hazards on the road.

    3. Ensure that your vehicle’s surfaces are clean every time you take it out.
    Tip: Do not pour hot water over your iced windows. Hot water can shatter the glass and cause it to re-freeze fast.

    3. Keep vehicle tires well inflated
    Tires with low pressure make your vehicle consume more gas. Which can be risky during long journeys. Tires with excess pressure impact a vehicle’s grip on the road. Carry out an inspection every 2 weeks. They must maintain the right air pressure. Refer to your owner's manual for more details. 

    4. Take precautions when you hit the road.

    • Be aware of winter forecasts for the day before you set out.
    • Wear comfortable clothes that give you enough room to move while driving.
    • Use your vehicle lights when visibility is poor.
    • Brake at a safe distance to avoid collisions with automobiles in front of you.
    • Avoid speeding on a wet or slippery road.
    • Keep an emergency winter kit ready in the vehicle such as:
      • First-aid kit
      • Shovel
      • Tow rope
      • Road flares
      • Small tool kit
      • Blanket
      • Extra shoes and clothing
      • Matches
      • Candles or flashlight

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