What is Kia UVO eService?

The Kia UVO eService is an in-vehicle media controller and an infotainment system that connects to the car’s system via a smartphone to offer you entertainment as well as assistance. The Kia UVO eService is integrated into the Kia vehicle via the 8-inch touchscreen and is a voice-controlled system.

Top 5 Kia UVO Features

    1. Android Auto – The UVO eService comes with this feature that allows you to take advantage of all the applications available on Android phones. You can make voice calls, video calls, listen to and send text messages via voice, use navigation and much more.
    2. Navigation – The voice command feature helps you access navigation with the utmost ease. You can request directions to your destination or even have Google Maps display your Points of Interest on the screen.
    3. Auto Maintenance – You can now be notified of all your scheduled maintenance sessions much in advance. Additionally, the service provides Vehicle Diagnostics and Vehicle Health Reports that help you keep a watch over your Kia’s working conditions. You can also tackle urgent problems quickly thanks to the available Critical Diagnostics Alerts.
    4. Roadside Assistance – If you are unable to start your Kia, the UVO service can connect you with a Roadside Assistance operator to help you out. The 911 connect feature will help you summon emergency services in the event of a collision.
    5. Security – The Kia UVO eService package comes with features like Find My Car that will help you locate your car if it has been lost or stolen.

The Kia UVO eService package also comes with plenty of entertainment options.

    • Music – You can now make the most of your road trips with services like Pandora, SiriusXM, as well as digital AM and FM HD Radio. You can also use Jukebox to stream all your favorite tracks from your smartphone to Kia’s audio system. You can also use the available USB, AUX input, and Bluetooth options to play your favorite music. 
    • Parking – The Parking Minder feature will help you locate your car even in a large parking lot with the help of your smartphone’s GPS.
    • Voice commands – The Kia UVO eService offers a voice command system that can be used for hands-free calling, text messaging, navigation display, adjusting the music, and more with the simple push of a button. 

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