Simple Tips For Protecting Your Kia In The Summer

Protecting Your Kia in the Summer

The summer season is certainly one of the more enjoyable times of the year. Along with staying outdoors and soaking up the sun, people enjoy going on long drives as well. 

In more recent months, it is critical to take care of your vehicle. Excess heat can damage your car’s functioning and exteriors at a more rapid pace. Read on to discover some Kia car protection tips.

1. Check Your Air Conditioning

In the summertime, your car AC is being used almost every time you operate the vehicle. For this reason, it is significant to make sure it continues to operate well. If you note any inconsistencies in the air blowing out of your cooler, your AC might be leaking. Service your car regularly to keep the ai conditioning system at the top of its game.

2. Park In The Shade

The harsh sun rays can damage the exteriors, resulting in the paint wearing off as well as damage to the windshield wipers and other metallic parts. Therefore it is choicest to park in the shade to preserve the appearance and functionality. You may also invest in windshield sunshades to provide added protection for your dashboard and steering wheel.

3. Engine Maintenance

During the summer months, the fluids in the car can evaporate at a more rapid rate. Ensure that your coolant, brake, steering and transmission fluids are constantly filled and maintained effectively to provide your car with enhanced efficiency.

4. Tire Pressure

Driving around on hot roads can cause the tire to wear out more quickly. Additionally, the excess heat can cause the rubber on the tire to expand. Tires that are not maintained immaculately can burst or blow out, placing you in a precarious situation. As one of the most important summer protection tips for Kia cars, check your tires every week to ensure they aren't over-inflated. Also, remember to always keep a spare tire for emergencies. 

It is vital to keep your car clean and well-maintained well throughout the year. The excess heat during the summer months can negatively impact some functions, so regular servicing and maintenance will ensure that your car is in top shape. Learn more today at University Kia of Durham in Durham, NC! 

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