What Should a Basic Car Service Include?

Car owners in Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Cary pay special attention to the maintenance of their car, and there are good reasons for the same. A regular service examines the overall condition and functionality of your vehicle. These checks can assess everything – from general wear and tear to the engine, brakes, fluids, and more. 

However, each car check-up is different depending on the make and model. No matter what, a basic car service should always include the following:

1. Fluid Change
Changing the oil, filter, and other fluids is an essential part of car service. An oil and filter replenishment ensures that your car runs reliably and improves upon fuel efficiency. Checking and topping up of brake fluid and anti-freeze coolant is also critical.

2. Visual Inspection
A visual safety inspection is necessary to maintain the aesthetics of your vehicle. A basic car service should include checking for dents, scrapes, and scratches on the external body. Also, it should consist of checking the internal components, like the seat belts, seat covers, and more.

3. Tires
Most of you may already know how to fill the air in your car’s tires. But, getting the correct tire pressure is not something everyone would be aware of. This information is available in the owner’s manual or a placard located on the driver’s door jamb. A basic car service should check your spare tire and confirm whether all pressures are correct.

4. Wiper Blades, Battery, and Air Filter
Lastly, your car’s basic service should examine the condition of your car’s battery, wiper blades, and the air filter. When it comes to the battery, the primary requirement of a car service is to ensure that all terminals are free of corrosion.  

If the windows streak or the blades screech when the wipers are switched on, your service provider should replace them. Talking about the air filter, your basic car service should replace it once or twice a year and must carry out an inspection when you change your car’s oil.

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