Kia Invests In Self-Driving Start-Up, "Aurora"

Kia Invests In Self-Driving Start-Up, "Aurora"

South Korean automaker Kia has always been at the forefront of automotive technology. The company has been a vocal supporter of autonomous driving technology or self-driving cars. 

Early this June, Kia Motors struck up negotiations with self-driving start-up Aurora to develop a technology that could bring to live autonomous vehicles. 

The Deal 

According to company insiders, Kia Motors and Hyundai Motor Company (both part of the Hyundai Motor Group) will support Aurora in the development of new technologies that can make autonomous driving platforms a reality. 

Kia Motors invested millions in the Series B financing round, which ultimately helped Aurora raise a whopping $600 million. The plans for the technology, Aurora Driver–is already in the pipeline and Kia Motors intends to be one of the first to implement the new technology upon release. 

Why Go Autonomous? 

Supporters of autonomous driving technology believe it to be the saving grace of the automotive world. 

The aim of autonomous technology is to make driving safe and completely hassle-free. They design these technologies to monitor the surroundings, take the right driving decisions, and operate the car for the driver with minimal-to-zero driver involvement. 

Experts call this technology the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). With a fully integrated ADAS, carmakers hope to reduce the number of accidents and reduce carbon emissions by having technology responsibly drive cars. According to research, self-driving technology can also reduce the expenses spent on managing traffic congestion, which accounts for over 2.13% of the global GDP. 

Kia’s Contribution to Self-Driving Technology 

Kia Motors’ DRIVE WiSE technology, introduced in 2016, is an ADAS-based system designed to facilitate autonomous driving in Kia cars. The company invested ₩2 trillion in the DRIVE's development of WiSE technology. The company’s investment in Aurora Driver is another step towards improving the autonomous driving capabilities of Kia cars. 

So far, Kia’s self-driving project is still in the design and development stage. The company hopes to reach the testing phase by 2021. Their long-term plans reveal that the company intends to launch an exclusive line of autonomous driving cars by 2030. 

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Source: Kia