Kia Teams With Amazon To Provide One Stop Home Charging Solutions

Kia Teams With Amazon To Provide One Stop Home Charging Solutions

Kia Teams with Amazon to Provide One-Stop Home Charging Solutions

Customers worried about the practicality of a Kia EV can put their doubts to rest. Global automobile giant Kia Motors has recently tied-up with Amazon to provide its customers with easy, one-stop home charging solutions. 

The partnership’s latest product is a home-installed, plug-in car charging solution. Designed for the Kia Niro EV1, Niro PHEV, Optima PHEV, and the brand new 2020 Soul EV models, the home charging installation will allow car owners to charge their Kia electric cars at home on a Level 2, 240-volt mobile charger. 

The EV Revolution

Kia has been an active supporter of electric and hybrid car models. The South Korean company has for long designed environmentally sustainable cars. The at-home charging installation reduces customers’ hassle of finding a charging station and through this, encourage more people to go the hybrid or electric way. 

But Kia isn’t the first automobile brand to introduce a revolutionary product like this one. German automotive legend Audi had introduced the e-tron electric SUV at-home charging solution on Amazon in 2018. 

How Does the System Work?

Customers must first log into the Amazon web page - the Kia Car Charging Solutions. A charger with a minimum of 32 amps is recommended by Kia. Customers can choose between three options for the 240V charger–Bosch, ChargePoint, & Juicebox. The chargers (except for Bosch) come enabled with Alexa and WiFi connectivity. 

Once a charger is chosen, customers can then schedule a service appointment on the Amazon platform by providing information about their home and charging requirements. Amazon guarantees complete end-to-end installation support by providing additional services like load assessment, installation of a 2 pole 50-ampere circuit breaker, and installation of a junction box.  

Kia and Amazon have also made financing and payment extremely convenient. Customers who own an Amazon Store Card, an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, or an Amazon Prime Card will have access to amazing discounts and extremely flexible financing options. 

If you’d like to learn more about the Kia Level 2 Charger, log onto Amazon today. You can even test drive a Kia EV in Durham at University Kia.


Source: Kia