How To Change a Flat Tire

In case of an emergency, every person must be able to change their flat tire in Durham. Although roadside repairs are available around Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill; learning the fundamentals of changing a tire by yourself is always more convenient.

Directions to Change a Flat Tire in Durham
Here is an easy step-by-step guide to changing the flat tire of your Kia in Durham. 

1. Essential Items That You Need
• Vehicle manual 
• A fully inflated spare tire
• Carjack 
• Wheel wedges 
• Wooden blocks to secure the jack
• Lug wrench
• Working flashlight
• Piece of cloth to wipe away grease
• Raincoat & gloves (for rain and snow) 

2. Park Your Car In A Safe Place
Pinpoint a secure spot to park and stop there. Turn on your hazard lights so other drivers don't get extremely close to your vehicle. Remember applying the parking brake. 

3. Place The Wheel Wedges To Secure The Car In Plac
Take out the tools and spare tire from your car. Next, place the wheel wedges behind the front wheels (when you are changing the rear tires) or back wheels (when you are changing the front tires). 

If you don’t possess these, you can use large stones or bricks (if you're capable to locate them). 

4. Take Off The Hubcap Of The Wheel
The hubcap is the plate-like accessory that covers the lug nuts. Some cars require a special hubcap removal tool; while others can make-do with a lug wrench. When using the lug wrench, handle the flat side to pull off the hubcap. 

5. Loosen the Lug Nuts
Once the lug nuts are exposed, place the lug wrench on a nut and keep turning counterclockwise until they're completely detached. Repeat the identical process with the other nuts. And don’t pull off the lug nuts just yet. 

6. Position The Jack Under The Car And Lift The Ca
Place your car jack under the car and twist the handle to elevate off the ground until you have enough space to pull out the wheel. 

7. Unscrew The Lug Nuts And Take Off The Old Tire 
Right away, you can take off the lug nuts and the flat tire. 

8. Place The New Tire On And Place On The Lug Nuts
Once the old tire is off, replace it with the new one. Place the lug nuts back on, but don’t tighten them just yet. 

9. Lower The Car And Tighten The Lug Nuts And Hubcaps
Turn the jack handle in the opposite direction and transport the car back to the ground. Use the lug wrench to tighten the nuts. Put the hubcaps back on the wheels and tighten them.

Call University Kia of Durham's Service Department Today!
These steps on changing a flat tire will allow you to travel a couple more miles before you reach a service department near Durham. It's highly suggested to allow a qualified service technician to test your tire and reference your vehicle's owner's manual for further details. If you have questions or require additional guidance, give us a call at . Our team of experts at University Kia of Durham is proud to make sure you get back on the road safely.