Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle in Durham

A certified pre-owned vehicle (CPO) is a great option if you prefer a reliable used vehicle. CPOs give you both value for money as well as an extended warranty. If you live in Durham, North Carolina, and want to ride around town in a quality Kia without going above your estimated budget, then Durham used cars that have been manufacturer-certified are everything you are looking for. 

What is a certified pre-owned vehicle?

Not all Durham used cars are manufacturer-certified. CPOs are part of a vehicle program where Kia both inspects and guarantees the reliability of the CPO vehicle. Buying a Kia certified pre-owned car in Durham from a Kia dealership in NC will give you the advantage of purchasing a model that performs better than its non-certified counterpart. You also get an extended Kia warranty, which isn’t the case with non-CPO used cars. 

What are the advantages of buying a Kia certified pre-owned vehicle?

Aside from being manufacturer-inspected and quality-checked, purchasing a CPO carries some additional benefits as well: 

Extended warranty: Every Kia CPO comes with a Kia warranty. This includes the original warranty for the car alongside a powertrain warranty. 

Low-interest rates: CPO used vehicles can qualify for lower interest rates if you’re thinking of taking out a loan. This means that your monthly installments will go down. 

Roadside assistance: CPO vehicles also qualify for roadside assistance, provided your car is still within the warranty period. So if your Kia were to run out of gas as you were driving in Durham, or if you get locked out, your warranty will assume all roadside assistance charges. 

Maintenance and support: Provided your CPO vehicle is still within the warranty deadline and mileage as set by the manufacturer, your car qualifies for benefits like free car inspections, oil changes, and more. 

CPO vehicles have to meet certain standards before they can qualify as certified. They must also satisfy a wealth of criteria, such as being a model that was released in a recent year, a collision/accident-free history, and more. If you live in Durham, NC, or near Raleigh, Chapel Hill, or Cary, visit our Kia dealership to pick your brand-new Kia certified pre-owned vehicle. 

Source: KIA